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“Castle: The Final Frontier” Gives Fans a Excellent Episode


Episode Overview: The cast and crew of “Castle” presents everyone with an episode that not only entertains and offers a great murder mystery, but also gives fair treatment to the world of science-fiction conventions.
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A good plot, several familiar faces from the world of science-fiction, a very fair presentation of the world of science-fiction conventions, and many jokes and Easter eggs for fans of the scifi genre


After the hype put out about the episode, it did not deliver as rich a content of Easter eggs they lead us to believe were in this episode.

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ed quinn eureka gabriel winters nebula 9 castle the frinal frontier

Ed Quinn makes a very good starship captain

A couple of days ago I wrote about this week’s episode of “Castle.” It had been announced it would be set in a science-fiction convention, featuring some actors known in the genre, and would task Castle and Beckett to solve a murder at that convention. Fans were promised Easter eggs, and inside jokes, along with the fact that conventions would not be trashed during the show.

The cast, crew, and writers lived up to their promises. The episode, which centered on a mythological television show called Nebula 9, which despite being canceled, was living on at conventions like the one on the show through what they called “The Nebula 9 Experience.” In this convention feature, fans of the show would get the chance to wear the uniform of the show and do a scene with the program’s famous captain (played by Ed Quinn, formerly of “Eureka”).

However, at this convention, the owner of the rights to the show, and the experience was found murdered. It was up to Castle and Beckett to solve the murder and throw the murderer into the brig. From there, the show took us on a wild investigation full of surprises, shocks, and some familiar faces.

castle abc the final frontier nathan fillion richard castle jonathan frakes

Castle meets his “Number One” fan

The episode was a very good one. Director Jonathan Frakes did a great job with his cast, guiding them through their performance, and give all of us an episode that should not have offended the most rabid science-fiction fan or convention attendee. The presentation of the convention was very accurate, from the zeal of fans, the hustling of the pace of folks on the floor, to the costumes.

I especially enjoyed the TV show they created for this episode. To this writer, it seemed to be a cross between “Star Trek,” “Babylon 5,” with a bit of “Andromeda” and a touch of “Galaxy Quest” mixed in for good measure. The set was one that seemed somewhat akin to the set created for J. J. Abrams 2009 relaunch of “Star Trek.”

I want to send major kudos to Ed Quinn for his portrayal of the actor who played Nebula 9′s captain. He did a wondrous job of the character Gabriel Winters. His character was a bit of a rogue, but when he went into the character of the ship’s captain, he presented the perfect image of the typical science-fiction starship captain.

castle the final frontier armin shimerman replica maker star trek deep space 9

Armin Shimerman (Star Trek Deep Space 9) playing a prop replicator, wearing a Star Wars T-shirt?

I do have one nit to pick about the show. Much ado was made about the Easter eggs and inside jokes that were made in the show, but frankly, it didn’t seem to this writer like there were that many. I did enjoy the jokes from Fillion, especially when he busted on Jonathan Frakes’ walk on character, and his remarks about “Star Trek,” “Battlestar (Galactica),” and “… that Joss Whedon show.” This was definitely not a Bill Shatner/Get a Life moment as some feared it might be. Frankly, those who feared that should have realized that Frakes and Fillion, who are both fixtures at conventions, would not have allowed that to happen.

By the way, I want to let my readers know, if they don’t already, that the graphic novel that Castle was signing was not a prop. It is another one of the books “written” by Richard Castle that has been published as extensions of the show. The book is a very good read and I heartily recommend it to fans of the show, or anyone who like a good graphic mystery novel.

I really enjoyed this episode and urge you if you missed it, to watch it sometime when you can. It’s a great episode and some very good entertainment. So check it out when you can, “… and may fortune guide your journey.”

Dennis Rayburn

Dennis Rayburn is a professional fan writer, who lives in Radcliff, KY with his wife, Jill, and their three cats. You can find his columns on SoEntertain.me and Examiner.com

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Dennis Rayburn

Dennis Rayburn is a professional fan writer, who lives in Radcliff, KY with his wife, Jill, and their three cats. You can find his columns on SoEntertain.me and Examiner.com


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