“The Big Bang Theory” Flash Mob Update

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While it is not an official version (the short one previously released video was from CBS) another “The Big Bang Theory” flash mob video has been released. This one is longer, and claims to be the “full” version of what took place, and includes more songs.

Personally, I don’t know all of the songs, but one commenter on YouTube was kind enough to post a list. In addition to the opening song of “Call My Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen, the songs are “Gold Digger” from Kayne West (feat. Jamie Foxx), “Run the World” by Beyoncé, “Big Pimpin’” by Jay-Z (feat. UGK), “My Chick Bad” by Ludacris (feat. Nicki Minaj), “Party Rock Anthem” (“Everyday I’m Shufflin’”) by LMFAO, and “Low” by T-Pain/Flo Rida.

Everyone from the cast and crew seemed to have so much fun with this, and from the reaction of the studio audience, their work was definitely appreciated. The Internet is definitely talking about the video, and fans around the world are posting positive comments.

big bang theory followup flash mob leonard bernadette break dancingSeeing more of the wonderful mayhem, we can see that while he didn’t participate in the whole dance, Leonard (Johnny Galecki) did have his time in the spotlight. I still think this is in character; I can totally see Leonard staying off the dance floor until he decides “Ok, I’ll dance for a minute” and then he comes out and does something that no one thinks he could possibly do. Satisfied that he has stunned everyone, he leaves again in order to bask in the surprise of his friends. Naturally, he would not break dance in his glasses, and he just forgot to put them back on afterward. It was also nice to see Bernadette (Melissa Rauch) break dance as well, as her character would not be worried about looking foolish but simply want to have fun.

Also in this extended version, we can see that Kunal Nayyar definitely has some moves. Would this fit his character, Raj? Sure … he knows that he can dance, and I can totally see Raj wanting to show that he is cool, but then panicking if a girl actually talks to him. He does have a moment with Bernadette, but he can always talk to her, so that still works. As for Howard, his love for talking shines when he is pretending to be Ray Charles (Jamie Foxx), and that is one of the many funny and perfect moments.

I have a suggestion for the writers. Let the characters go for a night on the town at a club. The actors have clearly shown they have a talent for dancing and keeping things in character. I think it would be interesting to see the characters’ reactions to each other in that situation.

To the cast and crew … much thanks! You have given us so much enjoyment during the years the show has been on the air, and you still manage to give us an extra treat occasionally like this. Thank you for what you have given us, and also for the respect you show us, and the fact that you truly seem to love what you are doing, which definitely shows.

Jill Rayburn

Jill Rayburn is a professional fan writer and devoted World of Warcraft player. She lives in Radcliff, KY with her husband, Dennis, and their three cats.

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About Jill Rayburn
Jill Rayburn is a professional fan writer and devoted World of Warcraft player. She lives in Radcliff, KY with her husband, Dennis, and their three cats.

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  1. leonfantothemax // November 20, 2012 at 11:38 am //

    so glad they got Leonard break dancing. I wish they make this flash mob instance annual at a random location

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