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defiance syfy trion worlds tv show game april 2013One of Syfy’s newest projects doesn’t formally launch till April of 2013, but the buzz and excitement for it is starting to grow at a furious rate. Syfy, in conjunction with Trion Worlds, will be premiering the first ever television show/video game combination with the release on Syfy of their new show, Defiance, and the simultaneous release of a new shooter MMO by the same name which operates in the same universe as the TV show, created as sort of total interactive experience.

The game and show are set 35 years in the future, when aliens have come to our world, and with the aid of terra-forming machines, have changed it where both they and humans can live on it. However, as you can imagine, there are problems and difficulties. Among the stars of the show are Grant Bowler (“True Blood”), Julie Benz (“Angel”), Jamie Murray (“Warehouse 13”), Fionnula Flanagan (“Lost”), and Mia Kirshner (“The Vampire Diaries”).

According to the creators of the game, it will run continually, even when you are not playing it, allowing for things to progress and change like it would in a television show, even if you don’t watch it. The plans are for the show to causes changes in the game as the season progresses, and when the show is in its off season, the game will continue and could result in changes in the show.

I want to give our readers a peek at both halves of this unique combination. First, here is the first official trailer for the TV show premiering April of 2013.

Now, the show by itself looks like it has tons of potential. However, Syfy is not stopping there. Trion Worlds will be releasing a MMO game, giving an interactive experience with the show, and allowing for the adventure to continue all the time. It will be an MMO as so many before it, but with this game/show combination, the possibilities become even greater. Here is a video of some of the developers talking about the game, and the combination of game and program.

defiance syfy trion worlds tv show screen captureThis unique combination will make Defiance the MMO the most unique game on the market. If the show becomes a hit, Defiance may become the MMO that can take on and possibly dethrone the heavyweight champion of all MMOs, World of Warcraft. Only time will tell if it becomes king of the hill, or another pretender to the throne.

There is one thing about this game that will make it totally unique from all of the other MMOs on the market. Unlike all the others, this game will be playable on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and on a personal computer. Many MMOs are only playable on PCs. This will allow for a lot more players and create even more combinations for teams in instances and raids.

However, the game’s ties to the show could be its undoing as well. If the show fails, what would become of this new MMO? Would it continue, or would it be taken out by the same swing of the scythe of the TV Reaper if the show falls victim to him. It is a very risky, but exciting proposition that Syfy and Trion Worlds is hatching here. I, for one, am looking forward to seeing how this unique combination works out.

The possibilities for this show, as well as the risks are astronomical. It’s going to be extremely interesting to see what develops as the two projects proceed to their premiere dates.

Dennis Rayburn

Dennis Rayburn is a professional fan writer, who lives in Radcliff, KY with his wife, Jill, and their three cats. You can find his columns on and

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About Dennis Rayburn
Dennis Rayburn is a professional fan writer, who lives in Radcliff, KY with his wife, Jill, and their three cats. You can find his columns on and

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