Before Watchmen: The Mind of Ozymandias #1

Ozymandias #1 seemed like the wildcard of Before Watchmen from the start. While we learn a little about Ozymandias a.k.a Adrian Veidt through Watchmen, even we know we’re only learning so much. While Ozymandias makes sense to us we don’t know near enough about the journey that brings him to do what he does in Watchmen. Len Wein is the original editor behind Watchmen so needless to say I was confident he would bring us a new side to Ozymandias. Then learning that Jae Lee was drawing Ozymandias,  I knew I had to see what this team would do together. I knew at least that this book was going to look amazing in any case. Ozymandias #1 is a comic that has more under the hood than you’d expect.

The story of Ozymandias starts at the beginning of the end, him reflecting on his life to this point. Then from that point I was starting at the jaw dropping first page while absorbing the introduction to this story.  Seeing Bubastis drawn by Jae Lee is a work of beauty just the way he captures Ozymandias himself enhances the effect of Len Wein’s story. See to tell the story of Ozymandias I feel a certain amount of elegance was needed and Lee fits the bill. I enjoyed how Wein told the tale of Adrian’s parents giving a more full look at how he came about. These moments expand upon the bits that Moore revealed about Ozymandias in Watchmen in a fuller way.