The Age of Ame-Comi Girls Begins with Wonder Woman #1!

I remember seeing the Ame-Comi Girls statues and I thought they looked cool. When I learned that a comic book line was coming out of said line, that piqued my interest. I started to wonder how this would work and then I learned of the talent involved with the Ami-Comi Girls. Learning the creative team behind the Ame-Comi 1: Wonder Woman series is Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray with Amanda Conner drawing Wonder Woman, yeah I’m sold.  Their take is one that takes Wonder Woman to her core yet cutting loose with her in a way that’s hard to do even within the confines of the DCnU. There’s a nice advantage to being able to play with the Ame-Comi design and take the story itself in new and exciting directions.

In the Ame-Comi 1: Wonder Woman you get introduced to her homeland through Steve Trevor as he talks about Paradise Island. I liked how this was setup, explaining the basic idea of Paradise Island, while the Government doesn’t understand why anyone would want to bother this place. It’s fun to see how Paradise Island and the Amazons are explained in comparison to the fact that the Government has no idea of who they are. Which introduces us to Princess Diana a.k.a Wonder Woman. She’s introduced to us fighting a group of Minotaurs which turns into  one of the coolest segments of the issue. I’m serious Amanda Conner just perfected that entire sequence, you feel like you’re watching an animated movie because it’s that fluid.

The hilarity of what happens after the Minotaur battle is priceless, as Palmiotti and Gray give the details on Diana’s life under her Mom, Queen Hippolyta. The nature of the series is similar yet different than what you’d expect because in the Ame-Comi world, Wonder Woman isn’t quite up to maturity yet, she’s an impulsive girl who wants to prove her worth. Compelling while being ridiculously fun to read. Every single bit of this makes you just keep wanting to read this until the final page that made me wish that next Monday was already here.

Ame-Comi 1: Wonder Woman is off to a great start. Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray have such an engaging and addicting story that I’m already hooked. The art by Amanda Conner is the icing on the cake, adding to an already strong story. Ame-Comi 1: Wonder Woman #1 starts off the Ami-Comi Girls line with exciting and invigorating results. Now every Monday I have Ami-Comi to look forward to and I can say the best 99 cents I’ve spent this week. If you’re even remotely on the fence about this series, just go to Comixology now and check this out. By the time you’re done reading, you’ll be like me and eagerly awaiting next Monday’s installment of the Ami-Comi Girls.

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  1. Just posted this also, best use of 99 cents on Comixology. Get it.

  2. RT @geekwholanded: Just posted this also, best use of 99 cents on Comixology. Get it.

  3. The Age of Ame-Comi Girls Begins with Wonder Woman #1! @jpalmiotti already hooked!

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