A Grave Issue With Haunted Collector

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haunted collector ghost of the west nose bleed Beth Ezzo TwitterI have always believed that there are things in this world that defy the laws of science, logic, and reasoning. In my years before and during my time as a writer, I have seen things occur that can not be explained or debunked by any physical means. So as you read this column, please bear one thing in mind, specifically that is it not the writings of one seeking to disprove anyone’s belief in the supernatural.

Recently, Syfy started airing a new paranormal reality show called, “Haunted Collector.” This show follows the work of John Zaffis and his team of paranormal investigators as they do their work. Specifically, their mission is to investigate places with reports of paranormal occurrences, and seek to identify and remove objects in the location that are causing the incidents. According to Zaffis, objects can retain the energy of people who have departed this life, especially if because of a violent and sudden death.

Frankly, when this show was announced, I was concerned. Syfy already has two well known and respected paranormal investigation shows, “Ghost Hunters,” and “Ghost Hunters International.” I was concerned that Syfy was about to overload their schedule with such shows and do to the subject what ABC did with their hit, “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.” ABC kept increasing how often the show aired till it reached a saturation point and viewership lost interest.

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Beth Ezzo's Twitter Page as of June 17, 2011 at 12:46am EDT

However, after watching this week’s episode, a far more serious matter has come to light that has caused me to question this show’s credibility. In the second half of that episode, Zaffis and his team were shown investigating the St. James Hotel in Cimarron, New Mexico. While investigating a room in the hotel that was kept locked due to incidents in it, one of the investigators, Beth Ezzo, became ill and developed a nose bleed. Because of this, they withdrew from the room in question.

What is the problem you ask? During the episode, the illness and nose bleed as presented to the viewer as caused paranormal activity. However, on her Twitter account, Ezzo posted the following, “Hey guys just so you know we can only show so much in a half hour I had altitude sickness and that’s why my nose was bleeding.” While one of the team members did say that the explanation could be medical and not paranormal, Zaffis seemed to continue to push his belief that it was indeed paranormal, and that causes extreme doubts in my mind.

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beth ezzo haunted collector syfy paranormalLeaving out that bit of information about the true cause of Ezzo’s illness and nose bleed causes that segment of the show to be nothing more or less than a false report. I can completely understand the problems of time restrictions of any kind of program, radio or television, but leaving out something that causes the information in a reality show to be presented in a totally different light than what really happened is absolutely inexcusable, and raises very grave questions about how much, if any, reality there is in the program. Even if they did not know the true reason during filming, the information could have been added afterward, during the editing process.

In light of this admission, I call upon Syfy to either take actions to rectify this absolute false report, or to cease presenting the show as a reality program. After all, if the information is presented inaccurately, what becomes of reality?

Think about it.

Dennis Rayburn

Dennis Rayburn is a professional fan writer, who lives in Radcliff, KY with his wife, Jill, and their three cats. You can find his columns on SoEntertain.me and Examiner.com

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About Dennis Rayburn
Dennis Rayburn is a professional fan writer, who lives in Radcliff, KY with his wife, Jill, and their three cats. You can find his columns on SoEntertain.me and Examiner.com

9 Comments on A Grave Issue With Haunted Collector

  1. So let me get this straight. Your complaint is that an episode of Haunted Collector may have exaggerated a nosebleed into being caused by something Paranormal. Hmmmm….you do realize that this program is on a network called Sci-Fi…..Short for Science Fiction, Fiction being the key word here. It’s entertainment my friend. I watch A lot of these paranormal shows with friends and we get a kick out of them. It’s good for laughs, and sometimes scares. If it’s done right. Try not taking these shows so seriously brother, or you’re going to drive yourself mad. But it sounds like that may have already happened lol

    • Dennis Rayburn // September 4, 2011 at 3:17 pm //

      You would have a fantastic point in your comment, except for one slight flaw in your thinking. Syfy presents this and shows like it as reality shows. If the incidents are not real, they become fiction. If the instances are fictional, then it is not reality.

      Thanks for the concern to my health, which I assure you is fine. All I want is something that is sadly lacking regarding that incident and the show, at least on the airwaves, which is honesty. Beth Ezzo was open and honest on her Twitter account, but they left the incident in the show presented as possibly paranormal.

      If it is a reality show, which this writer now has grave questions about, then they need to eave out the manufactured and show what they claim it is…reality!

      Will they do that? I’m not holding my breath!

  2. And here is the ‘flaw in your thinking’ Anyone who believes ‘reality’ television is ‘reality’ is delusional. They have directors, producers, and even writers…. Whaaaatttt???? NOOOOOO!!!
    lol! Yes they do. And I don’t know about you but my Reality does not involve a production crew…..So stating that you’re upset that the Sy-fy network is false advertising a reality show that is based in the Paranormal and not Science to me is ridiculous. They also have another ‘Reality’ show called Ghost Hunters that has been proven to fake evidence and over-dramatize paranormal activity. Sy Fy is known for this kind of crap. Take it or leave it, at the end of the day it’s just another Sci-Fi Drama.

    • Dennis Rayburn // September 4, 2011 at 11:23 pm //

      I can totally respect your opinion on this, more than you can know. Jill and I once were going to cover a “reality” show filming in Las Vegas. When we got there and saw what was happening, after consulting with our superiors, we killed the story as there was nothing real about it…the entire thing except the center piece of the show was faked.

      However, you would think that they would at least try to have a bit of reality in these shows. As far as paranormal investigations and science goes, it is not an exact science, but having been on some investigations with teams, I can vouch for the fact that there is something out there. I’ll be posting a review on our offbeat/paranormal site shortly about a show that does this kind of thing with no production crews or directors and their results are very interesting.

  3. And one more thing. The Haunted Collector Zaffis steals from people and they thank him for it. Now that’s just good television lol

    • Dennis Rayburn // September 4, 2011 at 11:26 pm //

      I have talked to many in the field who echo your feelings here, Dave. I have to admit that one episode, I was wondering if I was watching a paranormal investigation or a shopping trip. The program leaves a very bad feeling, and a very bad taste in my mouth, thus my call in my followup column for the show’s cancellation. There must be some serious questions about its future, as Beth Ezzo keeps calling of folks via her Twitter account to get Syfy tor renew it. Syfy needs more of this show about as bad as it does another hour of wrestling!

  4. I believe in the paranormal as well, having experienced thing’s in my own life that I can not explain. But when it comes to paranormal investigators that work for a television network I just can’t take it that seriously. Ratings and money are a good motivator for deception. And if these shows were completely honest with their audience it would most likely not be as edge of your seat exciting, and people would turn the channel. I do understand where your coming from though. Ghost Adventures (travel channel) claim that they have no crew or director following them around at their investigations but they do have a production and editing department that can do just about anything with their ‘raw’ footage that they want. So my point is if it’s on T.V. it’s most likely not ‘Reality’ happening before your very eyes but camera tricks and spooky sound editing. Oh and nothing against Ghost Adventures…I actually love that show!

  5. Nice! I look forward to reading the review.

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