Source Code – One Too Many Alternate Realities

For those unaware of alternate realities, wikipedia defines it as “a hypothetical self-contained separate reality coexisting with one’s own. A specific group of parallel universes is called a “multiverse”, although this term can also be used to describe the possible parallel universes that constitute physical reality. While the terms “parallel universe” and “alternative reality” are generally synonymous and can be used interchangeably in most cases, there is sometimes an additional connotation implied with the term “alternative reality” that implies that the reality is a variant of our own.”

This past weekend, the highly anticipated scifi thriller ‘Source Code’ was released to theaters. What I didn’t seem to get from the radio, tv and online previews was that this movie wasn’t about any kind of geek-tech coding, and not a thriller to say the least. What a disappointment. Flat out confusing, and this coming from a scifi geek that’s experienced many-a-alternate realities in my day.

For starters, the title made no sense into the movie until just about 70% of the film was done. Until then, all we get to experience was a ghost-of-a-man trapped in an undefined existence who has a synaptic connection to a government-funded project that continues to send him back in time to help stop a train bombing. That’s another thing. I’m literally in the theater wondering when he’s ever going to break out of the pod he’s in and we can actually change scenes…and wondering…and well that’s the entire movie. A scifi not-thrilling flick. Perhaps more like a drama/romantic comedy as his love interest in a lady in the train buds from his continuous trips back in time.

Now for the alternate reality confusion. At what point does an alternate reality not exist, or does reality become the alternate reality? Not only does he change the existing time, but in his mind, he’s starts to live in an alternate reality after his living mind is killed. Plus, once in this new world, experiences Deja Vu. Is this really an alternate reality, or more like ‘the great beyond’ talked about by every living person in the world? A far reach for an ending that left everyone in the theater wondering what alternate reality he ended up living in, or did the reality people begin living in.

Overall, I give this movie 2 stars out of 5.

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